On the Scene: Ten tips from Kyle Ranson

When you put more than 175 entrepreneurs in the same room, you’re bound to hear a lot of stories about the good, the bad and the ugly of starting up a new business.

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The Oregon Entrepreneur’s Summit was chock full of startup stories — the successes and the failures, the power and the glory.

There was also plenty of advice to be shared.

Here Kyle Ranson, founder of the bike apparel company Showers Pass and a speaker during this year’s summit, offers ten tips for founders who are navigating the entrepreneurial journey:

10.  You’re as good as the experience you can glean.

9.  It’s not always the sexy stuff that keeps the lights on.

8.  A little chaos is okay. In fact, if you don’t have chaos you’re probably not pushing the envelope.

7.  Office culture is important — lead by example.

6.  More is not always better.

5.  A healthy ego is a must.

4.  Don’t surrender hard earned profit on frivolous activities.

3.  You can always reinvest yourself.

2.  Don’t get into 50-50 partnership. The reality is two individuals cannot lead a company.

1.  Without a team you do not have a business.