A new robotic camera

With his photo platform, Tyler Maddox documents large objects from all angles.

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Tyler Maddox of Jacksonville developed a photo platform that captures images of large objects from all angles, allowing for real-life 3-D modeling.

Since developing the device, dubbed “the Orbitor” last January, Maddox and his coworkers have photographed over 500 products.

“It’s basically a robotic camera that allows you to rotate around, over and under certain products,” said the Jacksonville native. “The camera flies around the product, using motion-control technology to shoot all sides of product. Every product gets its own motion path. It’s a real-life way to do 3-D modeling without having to create it with a 3-D software program.”

With nine axes of motion, it works well for guitars, shoes, television components or “anything where you want to see every side,” he said.

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