A new way to pay

The Gifting Tree Wellness Center in Ashland accepts labor, goods or a promise to “pay-it-forward” to the community-at-large in return for services.

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A group of alternative health care practitionaers in Ashland are offering health services in return for clients “paying-it-forward.”

Patients can opt to donate labor, goods or other services to the community-at-large as payment.

Treatments can be done in the clinic or in the practitioner’s office. The client can pay with the usual cash or gift of labor or goods, or by pledging to pay it forward by giving in some other part of the community, said [nutritional therapist Jack] Leishman.

The new, experimental “gifting economy” is a remedy for the ills of the current economy, he said.

“Everything has become monetized to the point where we’ve lost our personal connection and exchange money without even seeing each other,” he said.

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