100 Best Green snapshot: TMT Development

On June 1st, we will reveal our 8th annual 100 Best Green Workplace rankings at an awards luncheon in the Nines Hotel.  In anticipation of that event, we conducted brief interviews with a few of the organizations on the list regarding their green workplace practices.  Here is the first in a series: a Q & A with Refinement Wagner of TMT Development.

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OB: What is the latest green innovation/initiative you have implemented?

RW: We are currently in the process of going paperless. We are working with a document scanning vendor to scan our old files, so no filing cabinets will be coming with us when we move into our new office at Park Avenue West next month.
OB: What is the biggest obstacle you encountered implementing sustainable workplace programs? 

RW: Breaking established patterns of behavior. Everyone has their individual habit. It is also helpful when executive leadership “walks the talk” when it comes to sustainable initiatives. Then other employees are usually more encouraged to change their habits.
OB: What benefits did your company realize as a result of implementing green workplace practices?

RW: In addition to cost savings from switching to more energy-efficient lighting and plumbing across our properties, our team is also more engaged and driven in regards to sustainability because leadership has made it central to TMT’s mission.
OB: What is the next big green initiative on the horizon?

RW: Being in Property Management, we are able to collaborate with our tenants to find best practices for our company and for the buildings we manage, giving an ability to have greater impact.  Working to retrofit our older buildings to become more green will be a focus for 2016/2017.