Women-only ride service delays Boston launch

FORTUNE: Chariot for Women, a ride-booking startup for women and kids with women-only drivers, delayed its launch in Boston until April 19 because the company wants to hire more female drivers.

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[Founder Michael Pelletz] decided to build a safer alternative to Uber, one just for women drivers and riders and people who identify as women. (Transgender women will be able to ride with the service, TechCrunch reports.) Pelletz noted the startup is being funded by a single angel investor, who he also described as a friend.

While there’s no word on when the rubber will hit the road for the company yet, some are already questioning if a service that refuses to pick up men is even legal. Boston-based attorney Dhalia C. Rudavsky told the Boston Globe that “companies that provide a service need to accept potential customers without discriminating.”

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