Country Trails bring business to rural areas

Danuta Pfeiffer’s idea of a network of country tours is bringing business and money to rural Oregon.

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Six years ago, Danuta Pfeiffer came up with Oregon Country Trails, self-guided tours that lead tourists to wineries and other rural destinations.

The concept caught on and now there are 13 trails in seven counties.

“What we’ve started here is a system of agritourism routes that works,” Pfeiffer said. “In the past, people said, ‘Let’s go out and take a drive.’ Now, we’ve given people a reason to get out of the car: someplace to go, something to do, and something to buy.”

In these tough economic times, country neighbors are discovering the strength in numbers, she said.

“The alpaca ranches and hiking trails and river lodges and dude ranches are finding they need to collaborate because they can’t exist in a vacuum,” Pfeiffer said. “We need to work together as a group to let people know we’re here.”

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