Agilyx retools plastic conversion process after oil decline

The Tigard-based company will instead convert plastics to styrene, which is used to produce polystyrene for packing material.

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What the company isn’t doing is closing up shop. Instead, it will retool its machinery to turn plastics into the styrene, which can be sold to companies that produce polystyrene – often used as a packing material.
To do this, the company will be starting with recyclable plastics that contain polystyrene. In the early going, it anticipates collecting a sufficient volume from companies in the area that previously had been disposing the material into landfill, Patten said.
In time, Agilyx expects to collect plastics through trash haulers. But the company is interested in getting the type of plastics that typically go in the trash can now, instead of recycling bins: Styrofoam packaging, packaging trays for meat products and some other food packaging, for example.

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Agilyx “produced and sold more than 800,000 gallons of oil” before the revamp, according to Oregon Live.