Will the new Prineville development be a data center?

There is broad speculation that the 160-acre industrial construction near the airport will be another data center.

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Facebook and Apple already have massive facilities on the bluff above town and each have huge expansions underway. Apple quietly started construction last fall on a second large data center on its Prineville property, and Facebook began construction of a third full-size facility –a tremendous, 487,000-square-foot building that will be Oregon’s largest data center.

Meanwhile, Prineville and Crook County signed off this winter on a request from a mysterious company called Legacy Ranches to bring 160 acres nearby into the city, where it will be eligible for industrial zoning and city utility services.

Legacy won’t say what it wants to do on the property, but at public meetings the company’s representatives have alluded to plans for a data center. It’s not clear whether Legacy has a specific project in mind or is lining up the property to market it to other companies for development.

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The property was originally zoned for farm use, according to the Bend Bulletin.


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