Defense Department will unveil high-tech military vessel in Portland

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency will launch the warship drone from Vigor Shipyards in April.

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[The] robot ship longer than the longest blue whale ever recorded, whose job is to sail the high seas forever, relentlessly chasing down cheap, silent, diesel-powered submarines like the kind built in droves by Russia, China and Iran.

…According to National Defense magazine,which apparently exists, DARPA announced “the Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel which will be the largest unmanned surface vehicle ever built at 130-feet long… It will be christened in April in Portland, Oregon, and then begin to demonstrate its long-range capabilities over 18 months in cooperation with the Office of Naval Research and the Space and Naval Systems Warfare Command.”

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The submarines cost between $200 and $300 million, according to