PDC shakedown

PDC loses Executive Director Patrick Quinton and economic development director chief Chris Harder.

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The moves make Portland’s mayoral race critically important largely because Quinton and Harder have, as the PDC’s property development role decreases, pushed the agency to spur more startups.

‘What’s that got to do with the mayor, you ask? Well, the mayor oversees the PDC,’ [startup expert Rick Turoczy] wrote. ‘And so, it’s critically important that the mayor we elect decides to continue supporting the momentum the PDC has.’

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A bit of a shakeup took place at the state level this week: Gov. Brown pulled the new resilience officer nomination for Derek Smith, a former CEO of Clean Energy Works.
Gov. Kate Brown has withdrawn her nominee for a new state resilience officer position after her office determined there were inadequate votes in the Senate to confirm him.
…Brown’s nominee, Derek Smith had no experience in disaster response or recovery.
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