Scammers exploit Moda Health worries

State officials are warning Moda members not to reveal personal information to callers.

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The Department of Consumer and Business Services has issued a warning to consumers that scammers may be trying to take advantage of Moda Health’s financial troubles to obtain sensitive information.

DCBS reported multiple incidents in which callers have claimed they could help consumers asking for personal information, including Social Security numbers. The call could come with a threat of cutting off health coverage, said Aaron Corvin, DCBS spokesman.

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Although the 67,000 members’ insurance stays active until transferred to another plan, some are looking for other insurance options. Identity theft scams have been reported to state consumer advocates, according the Portland Tribune.

‘The overarching thing is don’t panic,’ said Aaron Corvin, spokesman for the Department of Consumer and Business Services. ‘We are working on this situation… at this point people need to be aware that they are covered. They need to slow down a bit and be supercautious about calls coming into them.’

Corvin said one caller used a third-party site to get information on other plans, only to get several calls from a man who warned them falsely that their deadline was that day to get new coverage.

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Corvin told the Portland Tribune that people should only communicate with carriers.

Moda members have reported receiving calls from frauds claiming to help them, according to the Portland Business Journal.

Callers typically ask for personal information and threaten to cut off consumers’ coverage if they don’t act immediately. DCBS urged people not to provide any personal information because it’s likely a scam.

Decisions about whether individual Moda health insurance customers need to find new plans are still being formulated. In the meantime, people with Moda policies can continue to access services.

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UPDATE: In other Moda news, the Blazers intend to keep the Moda Center’s name. The contract ends in 2023, according to the Willamette Week.

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