Portland demolition roundup: Belmont Records, Sewick’s Dive Bar

Two historic Southeast Portland buildings are slated for demolition. Sewick’s Dive Bar closes Feb. 29 and Belmont Records in April. 

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Bar staff at Hawthorne stalwart Sewick’s was informed Sunday, Jan. 31, that the building had been sold to Urban Development Group, a property development company, and will eventually become apartments.

… ‘This is a 100-year-old building,’ said the bartender we reached by telephone. ‘There’s stuff here that’s been here a long time. I’ve been told there’s a table downstairs with a newspaper that goes back to 1919.’

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The Portland Chronicle reports the building Belmont Records calls home will be “demolished by a Happy Valley-based company called ‘Get R Done LLC’ and replaced with a three-story mixed-use building.”

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