Tech careers accessible to Portland’s marginalized youth via PDC grant

A $100K grant from the Portland Development Commission will fund four programs focused on diversifying technology jobs.

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The move is part of a broader effort by the PDC to work with the city’s tech industry to ensure that the new jobs and opportunities created by the booming scene benefit all city residents. Also this week, the group unveiled a project aimed at minority entrepreneurs to offer a six-month training program to help business owners grow their organizations.

The PDC was also instrumental in creating the Portland Tech Diversity Pledge, which has a five-point action plan for companies to follow. 

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“The underrepresentation of women and communities of color in the tech industry is a challenge we’re taking on collectively in Portland,” states the Portland Tech Diversity website.

Portland has a population of 51 percent females, but only 33 percent of tech workers are women in the City of Roses, according to the related Street Roots report on women in STEM jobs.