Netflix, Apple test Portland firm’s newest product is the latest offering from Plunk.

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BY JACOB PALMER | DIGITAL NEWS EDITOR is the latest offering from Plunk and its landed some pretty noteworthy early testers.

Netflix, Apple and Yahoo are the big names in a group of 20 beta testers.

Brightwork aims to make it easier for developers to get information about API performance, use and cost from one dashboard. This allows for comparison and more efficient development. The initial idea for the platform came from Plunk’s work with clients. The team started to develop the platform about five months ago and created Brightwork as a separate company from Plunk.

“We were finding that we would build a robust solution for a client, but when we wanted to shift gears and change services we didn’t really have a whole lot of data to support the switch besides some very archaic information,” [co-founder and CEO Josh] Carter said.

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Brightwork is expected to soon become its own operation.


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