Power Profile: John D. Iglesias

CEO, Northwest Community Credit Union

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CEO, Northwest Community Credit Union

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Who we are

We are a cooperative financial institution dedicated to providing uncommon care to members and our communities in 19 locations throughout Oregon since 1949. As a credit union, we take pride in assisting members in discovering the possibilities of their wealth.

Business role model

My mom — she raised seven boys while my dad was at sea or on his shift in the police force. When money was tight, all of us worked together in her tiny bakery. I learned early to work hard, make the most of everything you have.

Where I would like to see our company in five years

I see our company continuing to be instrumental in helping members fulfill financial dreams. Staying relevant in financial services means mastering change. Transforming to serve members better is a goal for every person in the organization and is critical to our desire to stay relevant.

What excites me about coming to work every day

I love to help my staff find creative ways to meet the needs of members. I always am excited to support the development of employees to achieve their goals and dreams in their careers.


My daughter and I really enjoy the DC Comics and Marvel superhero characters and other sci-fi fiction. Supergirl, Avengers, Star Wars … It’s neat that the things I grew up with are popular again, and I can share them with her.

Favorite song

“Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles. It was the sign-on theme song of one of the two TV stations in Guam where I was born and raised. For me, it instantly evokes being on the beach in the sun with my friends and family.

Advice for young people entering the industry

First, pursue your passion and don’t worry too much about the money. People love to work with people who are passionate about what they do. That gives energy so far beyond what your pay is or what your title may be. Second, I have always believed that you should never stop developing yourself.