East Portland residents wary of gentrification

Residents of far-flung neighborhood call on city officials to address their own affordable-housing crisis.

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Residents of far-flung East Portland neighborhood called on city officials to address their own affordable-housing crisis.

They’re especially concerned about the expanding gentrification of the city creeping east.

“The tipping point is now,” says Lore Wintergreen, a city employee who serves as an independent advocate to help carry out the East Portland Action Plan. “We can still prevent a lot of displacement here.”

People “downtown” — meaning City Hall — are saying there’s a lot of “potential” for displacement of residents in East Portland, Wintergreen says, but it’s happening now.

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The East Portland Action Plan laid out its proposal Monday.

Here are some of the group’s recommendations:

  • Help keep families in their homes if they own them, and expand homeownership opportunities and chances for “cooperative ownership” of apartment buildings.
  • Increase renter protections by strengthening laws protecting renters from no-cause evictions, enforcing the city’s codes and imposing “significant penalties” on landlords who violate them.
  • Lift the state ban on inclusionary zoning and require developers to include affordable units in exchange for benefits such as the ability to build more units than the zoning otherwise allows.

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