What happens when Donald Trump’s hate-speech and Portland intersect

City Council weighing proposal that doesn’t explicitly name GOP frontrunner but rebukes his Muslim ban.

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The Portland City Council is weighing a proposal that doesn’t explicitly name the Donald Trump but rebukes the GOP frontrunner’s proposed ban on Muslims.

Instead, the resolution introduced by every member of the council is couched in terms of supporting religious freedom and the Muslim community.

The intent is still clear, however — rejecting the Republican presidential candidate’s recent call for a ban on all new foreign Muslims entering the country, a reaction to the recent terrorist attack in California. The resolution includes a reference to “recent demands against Muslims entering this county” as violating the U.S. Constitution.

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The Portland government published the resolution here.

The owner of El Diablito, a Portland food cart, smashed a pinata to celebrate the grand opening of his business.

For his efforts, he has been targeted by online commenters after a conservative blog picked up an edited YouTube video of the event.

“I started getting a lot of phone calls—insane things, ‘fuck you, go back to Mexico,’ There was racial stuff,” Sandoval tells WW. “It’s all been Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, mostly Republican states.” He says he’s received few calls from locals.

Meanwhile, the Yelp page for his cart’s previous location on Northwest Quimby Street has filled with comments by people from across the country saying the food was terrible and that they got food poisoning. It’s been closed since the middle of 2015.

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 Trump’s base — Internet trolls with an appetite for violent threats — are staying true to form, it appears.

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