Rural Oregon could take brunt of climate change

Economically-depressed areas oftentimes are most adversely affected by changing planet.

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Economically-depressed areas are oftentimes most adversely affected by adversity. In Oregon in 2015, that means the rural parts of the state could be disadvantaged by climate change.

This is what Climate Trust Executive Director Sean Penrith argued in a post for Portland Business Journal.

The ability to withstand the impact of a changing climate is felt most by the developing world. Furthermore, the divide between urban and rural is exacerbated when economic opportunity and resources are scarce in fragile rural populations.

A recent study published in the journal Nature indicates that without any action on climate change, our global economy could contract by 23 percent in 2100. The research found that changing climates would negatively impact hotter countries, which tend to be economically disadvantaged, and reduce the average income in the poorest 40 percent of countries by 75 percent in 2100.

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Do you agree with Penrith’s assertions?

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