Medford man sells home to finance outdoor store

A Medford man with a love for the outdoors sold his home to follow his dream and open Northwest Outdoor Store.

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Scott Keith opened Northwest Outdoor Store in Medford, filling the hole that was created when McKenzie Outfitters and the Medford branch of Joe’s Sports, Outdoor & More both closed down.

The economy made it a hard time to open up a business, leading Keith to resort to selling his house.

“I went to every bank in the valley (looking for start-up financing) and told them I had a fair amount of equity in my home,” Keith said. “The short answer was that there are so many foreclosures that they really don’t want real estate as collateral. It was a very frustrating time.”

The veteran climber and packer who guided on Mount Shasta for three years before an eight-year stint with McKenzie Outfitters has traversed obstacles from the North Slope of Alaska to Central America, so he met this one head on.

“I sold my home and made an investment in the store for my family,” Keith said. “It’s literally all on the line. It’s what I love doing. My whole life revolves around the outdoors one way or another.”

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