Uber clears another hurdle in Portland city government

Rideshare companies will not have to carry additional liability insurance.

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Rideshare companies will not have to carry additional liability insurance in Portland.

The city council rejected a proposal that traditional taxi companies hoped would even the playing field.

By a 3-2 vote, the council rejected Commissioner Nick Fish’s motion to require that Uber and Lyft provide at least $500,000 in insurance when their drivers are out and about seeking customers. Mayor Charlie Hales and commissioners Steve Novick and Dan Saltzman rejected the compromise, preferring to go instead with the minimal coverage preferred by Uber.

That vote may clear the way for the City Council to adopt a new private for-hire city code next Wednesday that will allow Uber and Lyft permanent entry into the taxi market, largely on their terms. Under the city’s pilot project begun in April, Uber and Lyft have quickly gained at least a 60 percent market share, most of it due to Uber, and that is likely to grow as the company continues to deploy more drivers in Portland.

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The Portland Tribune wrote the decision means “Uber’s takeover of the Portland taxi market seems all but complete.”

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