DHM Research poll: Oregonians support $15 minimum wage

If a measure were to make it on the 2016 ballot, a slim majority of voters say it would pass.

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If a measure to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour were to make it on the 2016 ballot, a slim majority of voters say it would pass.

The poll by DHM allows an early look at how one of the most contentious issues in the state could play out should it make its way to voters.

In the online DHM poll, voters were provided with the ballot title and result statements have been certified by the Attorney General. Twenty-nine percent of voters said they were “certain to vote yes” on this measure if the election were held today. Another 22 percent said they were “leaning toward voting yes.” Meanwhile, 36 percent of voters said they were “certain to vote no,” and another 10 percent were “leaning toward voting no.”

Opinions broken down along age, Oregon’s youngest voters, those ages 18-29, were most likely to support (either “certain to vote yes” or “leaning toward voting yes”) the measure, at 70 percent. Some 43 percent of voters ages 30-44 support the measure, along with 44percent of voters ages 45-54 and 58 percent of voters 55 and older.

(SOURCE: Portland Tribune)

Less than 10% (about 7%) said they were uncertain.

Fourteen percent of voters said they would support only the $13.50-an-hour plan. Forty-one percent said they would vote no on both plans.

Last week, the City Club of Portland released a report urging the state to revise a law that prevents Portland from setting its own minimum wage. The civic group didn’t suggest a specific wage for Portland but said the city “clearly needs” a higher wage.

(SOURCE: OregonLive.com)

The Oregonian’s Andrew Theen wrote the powerful story of Keith Fons, a Lents father of three who works 60-80 hours a week at downtown Subways to make ends meet. Read the story at OregonLive.com.

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