Tech group chooses ZOOM+ for healthcare provider

Technology Association of Oregon selects Portland company’s new insurance plan.

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The Technology Association of Oregon has selected Portland-based ZOOM+’s new insurance offering for its members.

Tech firms will be able to buy the healthcare plans for a rate that would normally be reserved for larger companies.

“Oregon Tech companies are increasingly looking for a competitive edge. With ZOOM+ we found an opportunity to provide an innovative health insurance solution that will help our members–especially small company and startup members–attract and retain great talent,” President of the Technology Association of Oregon Skip Newberry said in a news release. “ZOOM+ speaks to our members’ values of using technology to gain cost and service efficiencies and to deliver a great personalized experience. ZOOM+Performance Health Insurance is the future of healthcare, a disruptive model paving the way for the new generation of accessible and affordable health services.”

Starting January 1st, 2016, TAO member companies and their employees will have unlimited access to all ZOOM+ services, including three newly-launched primary care services designed to enhance human performance using food, movement and relationships as medicine; ZOOM+Super with ER doctors on-demand; ZOOM+Specialists with same-day access to specialists in collaboration with OHSU; unlimited worldwide telemedicine through ZOOM+Video; and new services including brain training and outpatient surgery that will be available in early 2016.

(SOURCE: News release)

Across the state, insurance rates are expected to increase.

Oregon is facing some of the nation’s highest insurance premium hikes this year, but the monthly rates remain relatively low, according to data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Premiums in Oregon are rising on average 22.9 percent, which is the seventh-largest increase among the 37 states use for enrollments and applications. But the second-lowest silver plan would cost a 27-year-old Oregonian an average of $226, which is lower than roughly two-thirds of states.

(SOURCE: Statesman Journal)

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