Q3 disappointing for those seeking capital

Investments from Oregon suffer from problems of being a relatively small market.

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Despite a vibrant startup scene, companies are finding it difficult to secure capital from Oregon.

The amount of investment is still lacking compared to other states on the West Coast.

“If you look at all of the total investments, all the venture capital investments made in the state of Oregon in 2014, just under four percent of it came from Oregon venture funds,” [investor Dino] Vendetti said. “If you compare that to some of our neighboring states, like Washington, or Colorado, or Utah, their local VC firms are investing on the order of 15 percent of the venture capital being invested in the state.”

It’s with this in mind that he made the decision to start Seven Peaks, which purposely sought Oregon residents as limited partners. As he evaluated the state’s potential, he saw high quality startups and solid entrepreneurs in companies like Elemental, Jama Software and Manzama.

(SOURCE: Portland Business Journal)

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