Oregonians answer the call for blood donations after Umpqua CC shooting

Hundreds show up to support Lane Blood Center after gunman’s attack.

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The Lane Blood Center called on Oregonians for donations after a gunman attacked at Umpqua Community College.

Hundreds showed up Thursday to help.

Hospitals receiving shooting victims are placing additional orders for blood components, the blood center said.

“We have met this emergency demand but we will need donors to help replenish supplies so that we can continue to meet normal patient needs,” said Dr. James AuBuchon, president and chief executive officer of Bloodworks Northwest, the network of blood centers that ensures an adequate supply in the Pacific Northwest.

(SOURCE: Register-Guard)

At least 10 died after the gunman opened fire on campus. It is the third non-gang related mass shooting in Oregon since 1966, according to data published by the Oregonian on OregonLive.com.

President Barack Obama addressed the massacre in a speech that employed harsh rhetoric for gun lobbies that aim to block gun-safety legislation.

We talked about this after Columbine and Blacksburg, after Tucson, after Newtown, after Aurora, after Charleston. It cannot be this easy for somebody who wants to inflict harm on other people to get his or her hands on a gun. 
And what’s become routine, of course, is the response of those who oppose any kind of common-sense gun legislation. Right now, I can imagine the press releases being cranked out:  We need more guns, they’ll argue. Fewer gun safety laws. 
Does anybody really believe that? There are scores of responsible gun owners in this country –they know that’s not true. We know because of the polling that says the majority of Americans understand we should be changing these laws — including the majority of responsible, law-abiding gun owners. 

Willamette Week published the full text of the speech on their website.

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