Portland housing costs soar, wages flatten

Report from Portland Housing Bureau describe “dire” situation.

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A report from the Portland Housing Bureau describes a “dire” situation as costs soar and wages fail to keep pace.

The State of Housing in Portland 2015 Report touted the city’s efforts in creating affordable housing, but said it is not enough.

The “dire” prognosis stems from three factors:

  • Rents citywide jumped by $100-plus per month on average.
  • Housing cost and income gaps “continue to limit housing opportunity for the average Black, Native American, and Alaska Native Portland household in every neighborhood in Portland, and are increasingly impacting Latino households and households headed by single mothers as well.”
  • Renters’ incomes have remained relatively flat.

(SOURCE: Portland Business Journal)

“There is no more pressing issue facing our city right now than affordable housing,” said commissioner and head of the Housing Bureau, Dan Saltzman, in a news release. “We must work to ensure that Portland’s families can afford to live and succeed here.”

Read the report here.


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