Portland area dominates list of cities with fastest-rising rents

Vancouver tops Apartment List’s ranking; Portland places third in the nation.

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Ask any renter who recently signed a lease; rent prices in the Portland area are skyrocketing.

Portland is not an outlier. Vancouver tops Apartment List’s ranking of the cities with the fastest-rising rents; Portland placed third (tied with Seattle) in the nation.

Vancouver showed a 9.8 percent year-over-year increase in rent in July, according to the website. Miami rents increased by 9.3 percent, and Seattle and Portland came in at 8.5 percent.

Portland also has the 13th-highest rent in the nation, with a two-bedroom apartment averaging $1,550 per month. Seattle, at $2,100 a month, ranked eighth on the list. Vancouver was lower on the list – a two-bedroom apartment there rented for $1,050 in July, according to Apartment List.

San Francisco had the highest rents in the nation, by far, with a two-bedroom apartment averaging $4,750, the analysis found. New York came in second at $3,390.

(SOURCE: OregonLive.com)

The Pacific Northwest and the eastern seaboard had the fastest-rising rents.

Vancouver, WA showed the strongest year-over-year increase of any city for 2 bedroom units in the month of July. Although Vancouver actually shows a decline of 2.7% from June, rents are up 9.8% over July 2014. A 2 bedroom in Vancouver averages $1050.

(SOURCE: Apartment List)

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