More Kitzhaber emails released

Evidence indicating impropriety by Cylvia Hayes mounts with each new data dump.

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Evidence indicating impropriety by Cylvia Hayes mounts with each new data dump.

Former Gov. John Kitzhaber routinely placed her in influential roles.

The newly released emails show that in September 2011, Kitzhaber met with Hayes and representatives from one of the foundations that helped fund a fellowship that over two years would pay her $118,000.

“Thanks everyone for your personal energy and commitment to trying to find ways forward on energy and economy,” wrote Michael Northrop, director for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s Sustainable Development program. He said the group anticipated collaborating with Kitzhaber’s office and “will be back to you with notes and also with a first very rough first draft document that we expect you will tear to shreds several times over.”

Kitzhaber responded on Sept. 21, “Thanks for this I look forward to seeing your draft document.” The governor then emphasized the crucial role Hayes played.

“Could you please copy Cylvia on all this as we are pretty much joined at the hip in this policy space,” he wrote.


The release of the messages sent to [email protected] by Gov. Kate Brown’s office fulfilled a fraction of public records requests filed in the wake of Kitzhaber’s resignation.

Another email account, [email protected], also used by Kitzhaber, is still in the middle of a legal fight. Emails from that account were not included in the governor’s release.

Since taking office in January 2011, Kitzhaber did not use a state-provided email address. Beginning in early August 2011, the Department of Administrative Services began storing emails sent to or from the account by having all emails automatically forwarded to a dummy account,[email protected].

(SOURCE: Portland Tribune)

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