Columbia CEO provides plane for mother of Oregon National Guardsman

Tim Boyle helps mother attend ceremony honoring an Oregon man who prevented a terrorism attack in France.

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An Oregon National Guardsman thwarted a terrorist’s planned attack on a train in France over the weekend.

Alek Skarlatos’ mother wanted to attend the ceremony honoring her son but didn’t have means to get to Europe.

Enter Columbia Sportswear CEO Tim Boyle and his wife Mary, who lent their private plane to Skarlatos’ mother, of Roseburg, and the mothers of the other two Americans, who work with Skarlatos.

“I was really intrigued with the story,” Boyle said in an interview with The Oregonian / OregonLive. “It was sort of a movie script — just very interesting. And then the Oregon connection. These guys who were so brave as to do what they did, I just felt they deserved to have their moms present.

“And my wife felt the same way. We’re fortunate to be in the position where we can help these families out. And so that’s what we did.”



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