Details surrounding Intel layoffs emerge

1,155 US workers with an average age of 42.6 lose jobs from tech giant.

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The Oregonian has obtained information from laid-off Intel workers about who lost their jobs.

In total, 1,155 US workers with an average age of 42.6 were cut from the tech giant.

This layoff skewed older – considerably so. The average age of an Intel employee in the United States is 42.6. The average age of an employee laid off last month was 48.1. Workers in their 50s were 1.7 times more likely to lose their job than the average worker overall; workers in their 60s were 2.7 times more likely to be laid off than the average. Meanwhile, workers in their 20s and 30s were considerably less likely to lose their jobs. Employment attorneys say this isn’t unusual, and it could be difficult to make a discrimination case in court.


Intel planned to “not broadly communicate the [layoff] program internally or externally,” but was forced to change course when the state’s largest paper reported the cuts, according to Mike Rogoway and David Cansler.

Employees have complained that the company is changing its operations in light of the layoffs.

“It makes me think: Is this really being a meritocracy, or is it just budget?” asked Mike Schaffer, 47, an electromagnetic engineer in Hillsboro who was laid off last month.


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Meanwhile, speculation is swirling that lame-duck Intel President Renee James could be headed for Twitter’s top spot.

It’s by far the most high-profile vacancy in the tech industry’s executive ranks, and perhaps the most challenging. Twitter is phenomenally influential, but has had a terrible time capitalizing on that influence. CEO Dick Costolo quit July 1 and company co-founder Jack Dorsey has taken over on an interim basis while Twitter seeks a long-term successor.


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