Oregon pot producers stress branding

Marijuana growers want the crop to be treated as produce.

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Oregon marijuana growers want the crop to be treated as produce.

The market is new, and entrepreneurs are adopting tactics commonly used in the organic food industry.

“You can have someone growing very average product, covering it with pesticides and chemicals, and their product is valued in the current market the same way my product is valued – which is 100 percent organic, clean, sustainable,” said Batterby, who is also president of the Portland chapter of Women Grow, which promotes what it calls cannabis entrepreneurs.

Batterby is looking forward to October 1, when legal recreational marijuana sales start in Oregon, because she expects the pricing system to change. Like many other growers across the state, in fact, she’s counting on it: “With the emergence of brands that are willing to invest in educating consumers about very high-grade organic, clean cannabis and the alternatives, I think you’ll see premiums,” Batterby said.

(SOURCE: OregonLive.com)

The Oregonian published a story on OregonLive.com about a San Francisco-based startup that delivers marijuana via drone — combining all the hottest buzzwords of the current business climate.

In California, you can order a box of marijuana supplies — bud, rolling papers, extracts, etc. — online from Trees and it will be delivered same-day. In some areas, by a drone.

The service is for medical marijuana patients, which is the only form of legal pot in the state. But, maybe Oregon will get its one flying delivery service that will only require you to answer the door.

(SOURCE: OregonLive.com)

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