Steve Novick’s challenger drops out of race

Nick Caleb has abandoned his bid to unseat eccentric city commissioner.

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Nick Caleb has abandoned his bid to unseat eccentric city commissioner Steve Novick.

Caleb cited personal reasons for dropping out of the race while urging others to challenge the sitting commissioners.

“After some intense soul searching and reflection, I came to the conclusion that working two part-time jobs and running for city council will create a level of stress that I won’t be able to manage during this time in my life without serious consequences to my mental health. Though it pains me to do so, I must exit the race for city council,” Caleb said.

“However, there is still time for Portlanders of good conscience to run for local government with a vision that can counter the lofty-rhetoric-lots-of-planning-but-little-meaningful-action dynamic that, for me, characterizes Portland City Council. There is a strong populist energy in Portland right now and one way it can find expression is through independent candidates who come from and will fight for low-income, working class, and precarious residents. There are far too many talented and visionary Portlanders for this void to persist for long,” Caleb said.

(SOURCE: Portland Tribune)

He had raised a reported $3,880 in campaign contributions.

Caleb is an instructor at Concordia University. Willamette Week called him a “living-wage activist.”

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