Downtime with the director of Barley’s Angels


Live, Work, Play with Christine Jump.

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Live, Work, Play with Christine Jump

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Who we are

Barley’s Angels mission is to offer opportunities for women to explore craft beer in comfortable supportive settings, expanding their understanding and appreciation of craft beer.

Finding my passion

I thought I didn’t like beer when I met Brewmaster Glen Falconer, who was determined to figure out what flavors I might enjoy. I’d asked to try his barley wine. It was an explosion of flavor. It made me realize there was a world of beer beyond weak commercial lagers and bitter IPAs. Glen later became my significant other. After discovering the world of craft beer, it became my passion to help others make that discovery.

Spreading the gospel

The global growth of Barley’s Angels has been nothing short of mind blowing. The real credit goes to women running the chapters. After attending Barley’s Angels events in Melbourne, Australia, one woman started the Austin, Texas chapter. In the last month we’ve added eight chapters to our roster, and four of those are in Europe! We had 485 events and sold over 14,900 tickets in 2013. I’m still compiling the data for 2014.

When I’m not drinking

I have a 1974 VW Bus I tinker with. Getting her back on the road. She’s a camper and it’s definitely a labor of love. I’m also a shutter bug infatuated with flowers.

What I’m reading

The Opportunity Analysis Canvas by Dr. James V. Green. It is for an entrepreneurial course offered by University of Maryland through Coursera. Nothing sexy, but fascinating and applicable to what I’m doing.

What I’m watching 

Fed Up by Stephanie Soechtig with Katie Couric. It is an investigative expose that reveals the role the food industry has played in creating an American health crisis. 


My latest app is Fly, a video editor for the iPad by Fly Labs. It will allow me to put together videos with photos and audio that was recorded at our Women and Beer 2015 conference.

Object of desire

My favorite gadget is soon to be the uKeg Growler from Growlerwerks in Portland. Purchased through a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, this baby is akin to a portable 64-ounce kegerator. It is pressurized and will keep the beer fresh and carbonated until I’m ready.

Family highlights

Communing over meals. The TV off, mobile devices put away. Good wholesome food and looking into each others’ eyes. Connecting.

Business role model

Rogue AlesJack Joyce. He was my mentor. I worked at his side for the past seven years. With Jack’s unconventional guidance Rogue Ales went from a little brew pub to a world class craft brewery. Jack taught me tenacity, to take action.

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