Cannon Beach’s tsunami-proof city hall project

Cannon Beach officials are seeking backing to build a $4 million tsunami-proof city hall.

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The proposed city hall structure would cost $4 million and protect up to 1,500 evacuees in the case of a tsunami.

Cannon Beach officials are trying to win support of the project, and it remains to be seen whether people there or in other towns on the coast will be willing to invest in such a project.

Scientists say there’s a 37 percent chance that an earthquake will occur along the Cascadia Subduction Zone running the length of the West Coast within the next 50 years, an event that could easily produce a temblor of that size and a devastating tsunami.

The questions now are whether a city hall can be designed to survive such an event, and whether residents in Cannon Beach and other cities along the Oregon Coast are willing to pay twice the current market cost for a tsunami-­proof city hall, events center or fire station.

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