Benefits of company participation

Here are some great reasons for your company to sign up for the 100 Best survey: it’s free, easy to facilitate, provides honest feedback and can boost workplace morale.

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100-best-logo-2015 500pxwHere are some great reasons for your company to sign up for the 100 Best survey: 

1. Free: There is no charge to take part in the survey.

2. Easy and convenient: Employees may take the survey online from any computer or mobile device with Internet access or on paper in English, Spanish and Russian. One management representative, often the HR director, coordinates communications with employees and Oregon Business magazine.

3. Dialog with employees: Employees get a unique chance to voice their opinions confidentially about a wide variety of workplace aspects and are impressed when it’s acknowledged.

4. Honest feedback: Employers gain valuable insight about the business from those on the front lines. All participants can order reports on survey results that detail workplace strengths and weaknesses, employee comments and benefits analysis.

5. Higher morale and efficiency: Survey reports provide opportunities to further the dialogue with employees and set priorities for workplace improvement.

6. The List: The 100 Best Companies are honored in the March issue of Oregon Business, distributed statewide to 20,000 subscribers. The list is also accessible online at

7. Event and promotion: Listed companies are honored at a dinner event at the Oregon Convention Center. The top 10 companies receive trophies. All 100 Best Companies receive an award certificate and have access to logos and other promotional materials following the event. These can be used on company letterhead, Websites, t-shirts, etc.

8. Employee attraction and retention: Highly qualified job candidates seek out openings at 100 Best Companies and it reinforces the pride and satisfaction of current employees to work for a 100 Best company.