Are millennials reshaping politics in the Pacific Northwest?

MillennialsThumbA new report explores the impact of millennials on Oregon’s business and political climate.

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MillennialsBigIn our April issue, we profiled Doug Badger, managing partner of Quinn Thomas Public Affairs. Today, Thomas alerted us to a report his firm released in partnership with DHM Research about Oregon millennials and their attitude toward politics and business.

The report takes as its starting point an article The Atlantic published in September 2013 on the role of politics in the millennial generation. IN that article, reporter Ron Fournier claimed millennials would dramatically change modern systems of political engagement by designing new channels of influence using technology, entrepreneurship, and social innovation.

The Quinn Thomas/DHM report aims to identify reasons why millenials are pursuing different channels of influence, and more specifically, if this dynamic is occurring in Oregon. 

Read the fascinating results here.