Hillsboro Airport growing for businesses

Washington County executives see the expansion of Hillsboro’s airport as key to the area’s economic future.

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Business leaders tout the $16.9 million expansion of the Hillsboro Airport a key development for the area’s economic future.

Access to air travel is crucial to many businesses deciding to move into the area, as it will provide easy transport in and out of the region.

Located near the Sunset Highway at the northeast corner of Hillsboro, the airport is home to the Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum, the annual Oregon International Airshow and, perhaps most important, private jet service used by executives from Intel and Nike, among others. These companies routinely ferry employees to other places in the West and helped make Hillsboro nearly as busy as Portland International Airport in 2009. While Portland’s airport registered 226,584 flights in 2009, the Hillsboro Airport logged 220,983, according to the port’s annual report…

But the airport is close to its capacity. Small planes share the same runway with corporate jets, causing a bottleneck that slows operations. Design is underway and construction is expected to start this summer on a 3,600-foot-long secondary runway that will run parallel to the existing 6,600-foot-long runway.

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