Council delays sidewalk vote

The Portland City Council postpones a decision on the proposed sidewalk ordinance amid opposition from homeless groups.

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The Portland City Council has postponed making a decision on proposed sidewalk restrictions to next week.

The council put off its decision in light of ongoing questions about the right to assemble and vocal community opposition. This is Portland’s third attempt to regulate city sidewalks.

Thursday’s testimony was overwhelmingly in opposition, with advocates for the homeless saying it reeks of classism. The proposal bans people from sitting or lying down in a 6-to-8 foot zone on sidewalks downtown and in the Lloyd District and Rose Quarter.

Adams stressed that the ordinance carves out space along every sidewalk — near the curb — for people to sit. The regulation protects people’s right to panhandle, while making sure other sidewalk users, including people with disabilities, have room to move.

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