Oregon biodiesel pushes forward

Biodiesel production is slowly taking off in Oregon, but not without obstacles.

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Biodiesel production in Oregon has successfully created a few jobs and earned environmental and legislative support as a promising alternative fuel.

But there is still much work to do before Oregon can compete with out-of-state biodiesel producers.

The most ardent of proponents, however, realize that developing a sustainable fuel source for the 21st century is accompanied by growing pains. Even Oregon’s top producer appears to be a mere role player when grouped with out-of-state entries.

“We sometimes get positioned as the 800-pound gorilla in the Oregon biodiesel industry, but we make less than 1 percent of diesel consumed in Oregon,” says Tyson Keever, founder of SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel, which manufactures the fuel in Salem. “Oregon uses 720 million gallons of diesel (annually), and we’re capable of producing 5 million.”

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