Pembina fights to keep propane terminal proposal alive

The Canadian propane exporter seeks a hearing on the terminal project, despite Mayor Hales’ change of heart.

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Responding to Mayor Hales’ change of heart, Pembina Pipeline Corp. is seeking a hearing on its proposed terminal project in North Portland.

The Portland Tribune reports the Canadian export company is trying to figure out where its project went wrong after Hales halted his support.

Hales’ turnaround came as Pembina and Port leaders were raising objections to the carbon fee. On the afternoon of May 7 — the day Hales publicly announced his new position — the first negotiating session on the carbon fee and other matters was slated to take place between the city, Port and Pembina, said Eric Duyk, Pembina’s project manager for the Portland terminal development. That session was canceled. Pembina officials never said the $6.2 million carbon fee was a deal-killer, but they are now openly criticizing the idea.

“That’s 20 percent of our operating costs; it’s not insignificant,” Duyk said in an interview Monday. “It’s quite arbitrary how it’s done.”