Growth rate of businesses owned by women in Oregon falls behind national average

The state has about 126,600 women-owned firms.

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Growth in the number of businesses owned by women in Oregon is falling behind the national pace.

The American Express OPEN-backed State of Women-Owned Businesses Report revealed that 102,700 workers are employed by women-owned businesses in Oregon.

From the Portland Business Journal:

Oregon ranks 26th in terms of the fastest growth of the number of women-owned firms, at 57.2 percent, over the last 18 years. The figure trails the national average, which came in this year at 74 percent. 

The state ranks 33rd in terms of the growth of the firms’ revenue, which tallied 71.5 percent between 1997 and 2015. American Express pulled the data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s quinquennial business census, called the Survey of Business Owners.

Altogether, firms owned by women earned about $17.7 billion in revenue.

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