Where does Portland rank among hardest-working cities?

Portlanders work an average of 42.09 hours a week.

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Portlanders work an average of 42.09 hours a week, according to a report based on the U.S. Census American Community Survey.

That places Stumptown at 24th-place — tied with Los Angeles — of the 30-largest cities in the country.

From OregonLive.com:

Who works the hardest — or at least the longest — on average? San Franciscans, apparently. And those government bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. A report released in March, compiled by the New York City Comptroller using the U.S. Census’ American Community Survey microdata, puts the City by the Bay and the nation’s capital at one and two on its “hardest-working cities” list. All of which, of course, means you should be glad you’re not living in glamorous San Francisco, Washington, D.C., or, for that matter, New York City, which lands in 11thplace (42.5 hours). The comptroller concludes that the higher wages New Yorkers earn do not really offset the higher costs of living in the nation’s biggest city.

“The average full-time worker in New York City earns about 16 percent more than does the average full-time worker in the next 29 largest cities,” the report states. “However, that wage premium is less than it seems, because full-time workers in NYC spend more than two additional hours per week working and commuting, making the actual wage premium closer to 11 percent.” Then tack higher housing, entertainment and transportation costs on top of that.

Portland’s Northwest neighbor, Seattle cracked the top 10:

1. San Francisco — 44.01 hours

T2. Washington, D.C. — 43.5

T2. Charlotte — 43.5

3. Houston — 43.44

4. Fort Worth, Texas — 43.43

5. Austin, Texas — 43.27

6. Seattle — 43.17

7. San Antonio, Texas — 43.04

8. Nashville-Davidson — 42.6

9. Dallas — 42.56

10. Boston — 42.53

When taking weekly commute time into consideration, New Yorkers have the longest workweeks at 49.08 hours. An average workweek, including commute, for Portlanders is 45.57 hours.

The cities with the shortest workweeks — without considering commutes — are Detroit (41.07 hours), Milwaukee (41.14) and Las Vegas (41.36).