Deal for chipmaking tools could bode well for struggling Intel

Finally, some encouraging news for Intel.

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Finally, some encouraging news for Intel.

A deal worth $1 billion could be a sign that Intel will be producing the next big thing in semiconductor technology.

ASML sold 15 of its ultraviolet lithography tools this week, it announced. They will be produced in Intel’s Hillsboro factory. reports:

The semiconductor industry has been waiting for EUV for more than a decade, anticipating that the tools will enable patterning ever-smaller features on computer chips. That, in turn, can improve performance while reducing power consumption. Intel’s new, $3 billion D1X research factory – where the company is now developing its 10 nanometer manufacturing technology – was designed to be the company’s first to accommodate EUV. Intel manufacturing executives have repeatedly lamented delays in EUV’s development, attributed to persistent flaws in the tool’s performance. These EUV tools are huge, and they’re the big reason why D1X is so large – two adjoining factories of 1.1 million square feet apiece.

“It basically takes an entire 747 to fly one of these new tools out,” in the words of one industry analyst. “And if you don’t balance it right, you can’t get the 747 off the ground.”

When the news of ASML’s deal broke, Intel stock jumped more than 10 percent.


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