PDX implementing federal recommendations regarding ‘insider’ threats

The Port of Portland is measuring how operations would be affected by increased scrutiny of airport workers.

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The Port of Portland is measuring how operations at the Portland International Airport would be affected by increased security scrutiny of its workers.

From OregonLive.com:

In a 32-page report published in early April, the aviation committee recommended a series of improvements, including better security screening of airport employees, and stepping up “the frequency of random and unpredictable” inspections of airport staff throughout the day. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson followed up on Monday with specific recommendations, including requiring that airport and airline employees traveling as passengers be screened by TSA officials, reducing access to secure areas, boosting screening of workers and reemphasizing the bureau’s “if you see something, say something” mantra.

“I am confident that the potential insider-threat posed by aviation industry employees will be significantly mitigated as a result of these recommendations,” the Homeland Security chief said.

The recommendations come without additional funding and were triggered by a gun-smuggling case involving a baggage handler in Atlanta.


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