Nike fires back against trio of designers

Responding to a countersuit from three designers, Nike maintained it will “stand by our claims.”

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After three designers who jumped ship from Nike to Adidas filed a countersuit against their former employer Tuesday, Nike maintained it would stand by its original claims that the designers infringed on the company’s intellectual property.

“The court granted Nike’s request for an injunction and we stand by our claims against the three former Nike designers,” the company said in a statement as reported by the Portland Business Journal. “We will continue to defend and protect our intellectual property.”

From the PBJ:

In December, Nike won a temporary restraining order— or injunctive relief — when a judge ruled the designers had to immediately return several items, including “electronic and hard copies of Nike’s trade secrets.”

Many companies, including Nike, often decline to discuss ongoing lawsuits. Nike’s willingness to comment on developments in the lawsuit likely means it’s being closely watched by company executives.

The next time the two sides will meet in court is June 22.