Former Portland mayoral candidate suing former employees

Sho Dozono alleges breach of fiduciary duty and implied contract in a suit against six former employees.

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Sho Dozono is alleging breach of fiduciary duty and implied contract in a suit filed against Tomoaki Miyaishi and five other former employees.

Portland Business Journal provides details on the case:

According to the suit, the dispute stems from Azumano’s decision to seek an investment from an unnamed Japanese firm in 2014. Miyaishi, an Azumano manager at the time, told Dozono he didn’t want to work for the investment company. He then, according to Dozono, set about leaving and recruited other Azumano workers for his new company, called US-J Connect Inc.

“The identity of Azumano’s customers, in many cases schools located in foreign countries, and the pricing and marketing information employees to meet each of those customer’s (sic) specific needs, is specialized, confidential, and had independent economic value,” Dozono’s attorneys, from Portland’s Motschenbacher & Blattner LLP office wrote.

Dozono is also in court for an involuntary bankruptcy case that has been brought against him. He ran for mayor in 2008.