OR, CA sue over nursery regs

Oregon and California nurseries file a lawsuit against South Carolina for unfair regulations.

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Oregon and California nurseries have teamed up for a lawsuit against South Carolina, claiming the state imposes regulations that impede shipment of plants from the two western states.

Oregon and California already comply with federal regulations limiting the spread of interstate plant diseases. But South Carolina added additional requirements last year that affect the two states’ nursery operators.

Potentially millions of dollars are riding on the lawsuit since most of the plant material grown in the two states is exported to markets in the south, east and Midwest.

“For us, the problem is much bigger than just South Carolina,” said John Aguirre, executive director of the Oregon Association of Nurseries. “If other states think this will go unchallenged, there’s every likelihood that they will start doing just what South Carolina has done and begin barring large amounts of Oregon-grown plant materials from entering their state.”

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