Oregon congressmen on opposing sides of net neutrality issue

Sen. Ron Wyden, Rep. Greg Walden each stake claim in contentious debate ahead of FCC’s vote.

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The Federal Communications Commission will vote today to decide the fate of the Internet. Will it emain open to all, or should cable companies take control of the web?

Two Federal lawmakers from Oregon on opposing sides of the issue.  Sen. Ron Wyden supports net neutrality and Rep. Greg Walden doesn’t want the government to regulate the Internet, OregonLive.com reported.

Thursday’s FCC vote, likely along party lines, would give the commission — controlled by Democrats — tools to ensure Internet service providers treat all online traffic equally. It’s a long-simmering debate that has pitted Republicans and Internet service providers like Comcast against Democrats and online services including Netflix and Twitter. With Thursday’s FCC vote apparently a foregone conclusion, Republican Walden has taken up a fallback position: congressional regulation to override the FCC’s rules.

“Things have shifted quite a bit and the legislative draft we put forward reflects that,” Walden said Wednesday.



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