Novick seeks more than $28M for street fund

The Portland City Council only has $14 million in one-time spending dollars.

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City bureaus requested allocations from Portland’s one-time spending fund, with the Bureau of Transportation leading the way with $28 million in proposed projects.

City commissioner Steve Novick asked for the money Tuesday hoping to bolster the city’s infrastructure after a Portland Street Fund proposal fell apart last month. reported on the request:

Novick’s top priority request is $5 million for street maintenance and safety projects. The money would be split according to the since-tabled Portland Street Fund formula, with 56 percent going to maintenance and 44 percent to safety projects. Crossing improvements on 122nd Avenue in east Portland are the top priority safety project. Novick said the improvements are “a down payment” on the roughly $8 million in projects TriMet said are necessary bring more frequent bus service on that thoroughfare.

Roughly $2.8 million of the requested money would go to street preservation (paving work or repair projects). All told, PBOT is asking for $17.8 million for street preservation, up from $14.7 million in the current budget year (closer to roughly $11 million was spent directly on paving work after subtracting administrative costs and overhead). Another $23.3 million in PBOT budget requests come from the list of infrastructure and maintenance projects not funded during the recent fall budget adjustment period.Novick said the City Budget Office liked those requests. “We shouldn’t forget about them,” he said.


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