Business, income tax hikes approved by voters

After a close fight, Oregonians vote to increase taxes by passing Measures 66 and 67.

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Oregonians said “yes” to Measures 66 and 67, increasing income taxes for high earners and also increasing taxes for corporations and some businesses.

Both measures passed with a 53% to 46% lead. But some opponents say the results don’t accurately reflect voters’ feelings.

“The success of a nationally bankrolled campaign does not accurately reflect the views of all Oregonians,” [Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bob Tiernan] said. “Voters across the state want their legislators to tighten their belts along with the rest of us. Oregonians expect their representatives in Salem to work together to find a solution that addresses the challenges of today’s economy without crippling tomorrow’s.”

House Republican Leader Rep. Bruce Hanna, a Roseburg Republican, said the well-financed campaign to support the measures was difficult to counter.

Read the full story at the Portland Tribune.

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