Poll shows support for taxes

A recent poll of 500 voters shows supporters of the tax increases have the lead.

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If the results from a recent poll of 500 voters hold until next week’s special election, the two state tax measures are likely to pass.

Voters supported Measure 66 by 52% to 39%, and also favored Measure 67 by 50% to 40%.

“The ‘yes’ side is in a position to win these, but they have not closed the deal yet,” [pollster Tim Hibbitts] says. “All things being equal, I think these things are probably going to pass.”

The poll was conducted on behalf of Community Newspapers Inc., the Portland Tribune, Fox 12 and Oregon Public Broadcasting. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.4 percent, meaning the results could be off by that much in either direction.

Read the full story at the Portland Tribune.

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